Putting the Band Back Together

Putting the Band Back Together

I haven’t played a show with my band since Dec. We worked diligently in 2018, played lots of bar shows, private events, getting ready for the EP release, etc. After taking a little time off during Christmas and New Year’s, something had changed for me. I knew I couldn’t get the four of us back together again without a new plan, a new leader(me), a clearer vision, and bigger goals. We are currently auditioning new guitarists (think we may have found the person but still need to do a few road tests, update probably in the next blog). The new addition will be a big pivot for us sonically, going in more of a rock/experimental direction/bigger sound. Having band members is a really beautiful and scary experience. It’s a tall order to expect each member to play amazing music, be sonically and creatively in line with the bands’ growing vision, be reliable, invested in the music, and a true friend. I’ve been very lucky in that, with everyone who has joined the band, past members included, we have always enjoyed great friendship from them.

It was tough for me to make the decision to replace our guitarist. I hate conflict, changes, disappointing, hurting feelings, saying difficult things, being decisive…..

I don’t have the natural personality type of being a leader.

But here I am. My band members give me the space, respect, and room to fail while I figure it out. They are also starting to fill in the gaps where I need help which is really cool. And I love them so much.

In the meantime, come see us play a full band show on Tuesday May 7th at Soda Bar 8:30pm. Kevin Viner (my husband and reliable music sub) will be playing guitar with us that evening. Ticket link in (tour) sedition.

<3, JL

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