How to Start a Successful Music Career at Age 30

Myth Busting- Can you have a successful career in music starting at 30 years old?
Answer: HELL YES!

A little background:

I’ve been singing and writing music since I was a little kid — much like anyone else who discovered a love for music at a young age. People around me told me that I was a star in the making, the “little girl with the big voice”, I thought I had it all. I just have to sit pretty and wait to be “discovered”. Next year will be my year… or maybe the year after that! 

I was wrong.

Turing 30 in September of this year, self-employed worker of many things within the music umbrella (teaching, composing, playing for private and corporate events), a now- married woman with a fur baby (or as I like to say, a “cat kid”). What am I doing with my life? Did the dream pass me by? What the hell is Snapchat supposed to be good for? And should I even care? Because right now, I don’t.

I care about music, I care about making music that people connect with and need. I care about leaving a legacy of songs that can be relied on to find solace and deeper peace — just like all the great music that has changed my life. I care about leaving the world a little better than when I got here, and my art is the most powerful tool I possess to do that.

When I was young, I had no friends. I used music to explore emotions because I didn’t know how to feel them in real life. Any hint of pain, discomfort, or imperfection felt like a knife to the spine. So I distanced people with a 39 1/2 foot pole (if you don’t get the reference, your heart must be two sizes too small).

I’m done with that.

What this blog will be about:

This will be a weekly blog where I challenge myself to try new things, create my own opportunities, write my best music, meet new friends, and work with other artists. I will be brutally honest with my successes and failures. I’ll introduce you to new people I meet on my journey, I’ll share music I find that you must hear, I will hold myself accountable to not let life pass me by, I will grab the career I desire by the balls (or in my case, the ovaries). A musician’s journey, as you probably know, has never been the path of least resistance. It is met by challenges sometimes greater than the joy we chase. But it’s what we love so we do it any way- and that’s the good kind of crazy! If you’re reading this now- thank you for investing your energy into my path/ unfolding story, I hope to bring inspiration and maybe a few laughs in return.

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